Online Art Talk: Tuna Tunaboylu

Bilsart presents Tuna Tunaboylu’s online exhibition and online artist talk entitled “I Closed My Eyes” between August 20-29.

In the age of gaining our consciousness of mind, we are all taking different paths in doing so. Tuna made quite a peculiar choice to acquire that state, causing a lot of controversy and questioning in his direct environment. I find it interesting how bald and uncompromising he is in performing his way of breaking through, although maybe it was not his initial purpose for this experiment. During this slowly passing yet concentrated period of time he finds himself being confronted with his ego, society and takes these obstacles full-heartedly. At the end he intuitively ‘fights back’ with the main surviving tool of our upcoming age: love.


Tuna tunaboylu, born in 1997 in Antalya, is an artist who is on his unpredictable and engrossing journey. Before enrolling in Gerrit Rietveld Academie, he was a management student in Istanbul Bilgi University. This radical change of study and his vision, is emblematic of his courage and passion for art which are also deeply woven in his performances and other projects.
Although trained in many art forms, Tuna has find his calling in performance art in which he combines the elements of his mind and body. This mental and physical exploration has been and still is, exhausting and demanding but also has led to his self-identification both as an artist and as a person. Tuna’s artistic vision is about self-expression, courage and spontaneity. Using these components, he is exploring and pushing his mental and physical limits through which he grows as an artist.