Art Talk: Eda Emirdağ & Eda Yiğit

Bilsart presents Eda Emirdağ’s exhibition entitled “That You Don’t Know” between May 29 – June 8, 2024.

The video exhibition ‘’That You Don’t Know’ allows us to view the archive of Eda Emirdağ’s works since 2015 from the artist’s perspective, and includes her academic video project on the contemporary impact of surveillance systems she researched during the pandemic period. The work ‘zoom as a panopticon’, which deals with personal data on the image from a speculative point of view and wants to open it up for discussion, questions the ethics of recording the zoom images she has been collecting since April 2020 and using them for art production.

The work titled “democracy” in the exhibition, which includes video works from the past to the present, examines the wisdom of nature, which he has recently been interested in, through moving image.

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Eda Emirdağ graduated from Bahçeşehir University, Department of Photography and Video with a full scholarship. She was awarded a fellowship to Kadir Has University, Faculty of Art and Design, MA in Design Program. In addition to working on social issues such as body politics, cultural heritage and migration, she also engages in artistic research and production on subjects such as photography ethics, presentation aesthetics, image representation, archive and copyright. Eda Emirdağ works in various disciplines such as video, photography, collage and performance, she also creates participatory art projects and acts as a collaborator. She has participated in exhibitions in Sweden, the United Kingdom, Denmark, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany and Pakistan.