Artist Talk: Eda Şarman

Bilsart is hosting the exhibition Eda Şarman’s “Tight air” titled, between the dates of 26 May – 4 June.

Ten meters underwater, our lungs decrease to half their volume. Air tightens. In our oxygen-deprived brains, confusion increases. tight air dives into the water. The metaphor of water, which has become the representation of our virtualizing lives, becomes water itself through the loop video.


Eda approaches her works bodily and proposes to perceive places as an active/fleshy organism. With this method, place, the ground of our interconnected↭interdependent life, awakens and becomes the foundation of her works. She received her B.Arch from Pratt Institute in 2016 and her MA in Moving Image from the Royal College of Art in 2019. Primarily working with audio and video installations in her practice, Eda produces works that oscillate between everyday life, phenomenology and philosophy.