Online Art Talk: Eda Şarman

Bilsart presents Eda Şarman’s online exhibition entitled “Spring’s Arrival Wrapped the Earth with Mutation” between April 22-30.

Nature is unpredictable, nature is cyclical, nature changes and alters. Encountering this power, humankind and nature have always negotiated the role to be the master. The Tulip Era can be considered when the tulip was our master. Because every tulip bulb had the possibility of mutating into a new species, sultans, artists and travellers have long been mesmerized by it. Even today, when April arrives, we think of going on a walk at the Emirgan Grove. On the last walk I took at the end of March, newly blossomed tulips were ready and awaiting visitors who were staying at home due to the new order of nature. As though a revolt against our last hundred year of mastery, nature has suspended our lives for reflection and transformation. After many years giving me time to practice the piano while I think of nature’s renewal power. This spring as we stay home to overcome these tough times, I brought together the tulips of Emirgan to share with you, as only cooperation will help us through.


Eda is an interdisciplinary artist based in Istanbul. Her practice evolves on the intersection of architecture, phenomenology and tentacular thinking, proposing to perceive place as an active/fleshy organism. Place, molded by us, holds patterns dictating our lives from yesterday to tomorrow.Eda’s works find themselves in an endeavor to remember and demystify places of their tales and myths, bonding rituals, traces of structural power to trespass a linear understanding of time and an isolated perception of space.

She received her undergraduate degree from Pratt Institute in 2016 and later in 2019, she gained her Master’s of Art degree in Moving Image from the Royal College of Art. Since 2018 she has been showing her work at screenings in London and has been participating at the Art Licks Weekend. In the summer of 2019, she returned to Istanbul to live and continue producing work here.