Online Art Talk: Deniz Gül

On Wednesday, May 6, Deniz Gül’s video work entitled “Daily Rituals” will be streamed on Bilsart Youtube Channel and our website bilsart.com.

Gul’s Daily Rituals is a compilation of her short videos which she filmed with her I-phone back in 2011 – 2012.  The encounters of her everyday life are filmed in this set from the window of locality, and in focus to mediocre daily rituals. Simple and ordinary stuff becomes the core of what we see; packing a baggage, cutting a newspaper, praying, cheering, making coffee while the rivers keep running and the birds flying…

An instant appears and then it’s gone! Gul is accidental and casual, instinctive and sensuous.  As most of us pay attention to such small acts in the passing of Covid 19, we thought it’s a good time to see the piece as it has never been shown before in Turkey. Perhaps it’s a time to get back to basics and have another look at the smallest details of how we perform our daily tasks.


Deniz Gul is a Turkish contemporary artist who was born in 1982. She is renowned for her practice as a conceptual sculptor and a writer. The entirety of Gul’s oeuvre is about language, surface and excavation. She is featured in institutional exhibitions like the Istanbul Biennial, the Sharjah Biennial as well she has shown at key galleries and museums, Arter, Framer Framed and Badischer Kunstverein. Gul’s work has been to the collections of Sharjah Art Institute, JP Morgan, Arter. She has been featured in articles Artnet News, Frieze Magazine, the Financial Times and Art in America. Her latest novel is published by Norgunk, most recent essay of hers is commissioned and published by Arter in September 2019.