Curator: Melike Bayık
Art Talk: Cansu Yıldıran & Melike Bayık

Bilsart is hosting Cansu Yıldıran’s exhibition entitled “The Dispossessed” between 20-30 October curated by Melike Bayık.

“Cansu Yıldıran’s project “Dispossessed” departs from her own experience as a woman from Black Sea, as a result of her facing the truth that women are not allowed to be a landholder in the plateaus of Black Sea; and questions the system annihilating the women, the existence, locality and sense of belonging of women inside this system.

The sense of belonging related to possession and land augments the meaning of home. Home becomes not only a place that we live in, but as Giles tells, home comes to embrace the relational and emotional space that it is buried in.

Home is not only a place; it is a sense of belonging. And similarly, sense of belonging is not the same with possessing. Cansu Yıldıran in her series “Dispossessed” tries to see through the meanings that we overlook and accept without questioning. And the feeling the project gives with a form that tries to illuminate the unseen as it were with a lantern through the night. Surely, informal owners of the houses also get caught by the lantern.

Neither showing nor concealing, the work falls in between the two, and attains an undefinable power.”

İpek Çınar


(İstanbul, 1996)

Taking her personal experiences as reference, Yıldıran produces photo and video series on topics such as class, belonging, sexual orientation and identity discrimination.