Art Talk: Yoğunluk & Celaleddin Çelik & İpek Yeğinsü

Bilsart is pleased to present ‘’Interface’’, the newest installation piece by the art collective Yoğunluk. The exhibition will be on view between January 6thand January 28th, 2023.

Yoğunluk’s first atmospheric and site specific installation in three years, their new piece ‘’Interface’’ intents to offer a tactile experience by allowing its visitors to touch and feel the exhibition space.

The dropping light over the layers of stretched fabric and the gradual change of light with the passing time allow the viewers to interact with the surface and creates possibilities for open contact interactions. The characteristics of the projected light reflected on the surface changes as a result of various combinations in which the light is reflected from behind, in front and above. The surface is transformed into an interactive interface.

The exhibition investigates different components such as light, video and sound and their effect on the surface along with tactility. Bringing out the potential of a space in mind, Yoğunluk transforms the space into living and holistic atmosphere. The shadows which appear as a result of the viewers interaction with the surface, constantly transform based on the placement and the intensity of the light.

Working and creating with an aim to bring out the potential of specific sites, Yoğunluk transforms spaces into holistic and living atmospheres.


y o ğ u n l u k, founded in 2013 by İsmail Eğler, Nil Aynalı, Elif Tekir and Nezih Vargeloğlu as an Istanbul based art collective, focuses on production of art in its relation with the space. Main motivation of the group to discover unique spaces curate exhibitions where contemporary art blends with spatial experience.
Various media forms (such as visual, sonic and tactile) are used to create spatial arrangements and atmospheres which redefine the qualities of the particular space.