Art Talk: İlayda Bekdemir & Melike Bayık

Bilsart presents İlayda Bekdemir’s  exhibition entitled ‘Searching for Root: a Besieged Emptiness’ between March 27 – April 6, 2024.

I can show you the world only in the way I perceive the world. When I present you my perspective and then when I see them once again, bringing space to space, time to time together, I create a new story and I see them once again. That’s like an ouroboros as it is an endless loop…
Body is a machine; it sees the images as reflects them. The body montages the images and creates a new story. Emotions are born after a certain image, in the intervals between images.
Perception either unites the images or sets a boundary between them. In this light, perception stays on the same place with a line as the line can bring two “thing”s together by the action of sewing, at the same time, a line can draw strict lines between “thing”s. The relationship or uncorrelation between images can be related to being on the road, because when images are sewed into each other, montaged, or conjoined; they can also hide the time inside of them. In this sense, the time points to the timelessness. On the one hand “being on the road” can be related to going or changing place between real spaces, on the other hand it is also an action which have been done without leaving. This is not a deny to the feeling of covering a certain distance, however, this is a cyclical time, and the action has no obligation of reaching from a certain destination to the other one. As long as the road continues, it loses its meaning or becomes something different and presents new perspectives, therefore the road gains new layers, the one which is known can be alienated, the one which is in the periphery may be the closest to the centre.

“Where the body is is ‘here’; when the body acts is ‘now’, what the body touches is ‘this’; all the other things are ‘there’ and ‘then’ and ‘that’.”
William James

Searching for Root: a Besieged Emptiness, Projection on Tulle, Variable Dimensions, 2024


İlayda Bekdemir was born in Ankara, in 1998. She completed her bachelor in the Department of Visual Arts, at Eskişehir Osmangazi University. After she took her bachelor’s degree, she started the Master program in the Department of Art and Design in the same university. Bekdemir focuses on the existential problems as well as the complications of the inner world of the people and its impacts on space. She examines the conceptual ideas and questions; therefore, her artworks are based on the questioning as her focus is the fact that materializing the inquiring as sharing them with her audience. Currently Bekdemir works on the reflection and illusion as she seeks the answers to these questions: “Is it possible to perceive the World with new emotions? With new perspectives?