Art Talk: Seniha Ünay & Yasemin Ülgen

Bilsart presents Seniha Ünay’s exhibition entitled “Close to the Landscape, Far Away” between May 2 – May 11, 2024.

The exhibition intends to understand the changing landscape of cities through Düzce. With this intention, it takes its practical infrastructure from the program “Joy of Painting” presented by Bob Ross, which was broadcast on TRT 2 screens in the 1990s, and its theoretical basis from Henri Lefebvre’s concept of “Right to the City”. While thinking about our rights to the city, it proposes to look at this issue not only in terms of humans but also in terms of non-human creatures, to rethink the nature of landscapes with and without human touch, and to take utopia one step further.

“Close to the Landscape, Far Away” is financed by CultureCIVIC, a project by the European Union.

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Seniha Ünay completed her high school, undergraduate and graduate education in painting.In 2023, she was selectes for Daire Sanat’s Open Studio Artist Program with the project  “Garden Day” .In 2022, she was entitled to receive the CultureCIVIC Artistic Production Support Fund with her project “Far Away Near the Landscape”. In 2021, she took part in the #life #justice #art workshop led by Curator Kevser Güler from the coordination of Mişar Art. She lives and  works in Düzce.

In her works, she focuses on the actions of the human who define, interpret and determine their surrounding environment without compromising the central position of the human. In this process, which takes its source from internet news images and various archives, she questions the distance between living and inanimate, human and non-human. She approaches this distance as multifaceted processes from the perspective of post-human thought. She cares about the visibility of multiple worlds in our practices of coexistence with non-human species. She traces local stories, narratives and narrators.