Art Talk: Lara Ögel & Ulya Soley

Bilsart is hosting Lara Ögel’s exhibition entitled “Echo” between June 1-10 in a collaboration with Galerist.

Upon the end of the original, to a repeated or reverberated sound, or when an object or event has similar characteristics with something we call it an echo. What else do we hear but our voice when we call into a labyrinth? Or aren’t all the characters in a dream but reflections of ourselves?  The path of a labyrinth is paved with the illusion of being lost but is actually a constant transit to an inevitable center. An eye concentrated on material objects and phenomena departs on a spiritual journey and reflects upon imprints.


Born in İzmir, (1987), Lara Ögel’s practice uses a variety of techniques as video, objects, drawing, collages to create site and context aware works and installations. Her artistic narrative weaves the daily, temporal or ordinary with mythology and dreams. In her half fictional, experience based and atmospheric installations are cultural and historical archetypes the artist blends with her personal story. She received her bachelorette degree in Screen Studies from Clark University in Worcester, MA. Ögel attended the Intensive Summer Foundation at Slade School of Fine Art in London. Solo exhibitions include Starry Heavens Above Me and Within Me, Galerist (2023), Verses on Water, Ariel (2019), Public Intimacy, Şekerbank Açıkekran (2019), İmtidâd, Galata Rum Open School Library (2018), Come Back! All is Forgiven, Protocinema, Paris (2016), The Happy Average, Öktem&Aykut (2014). Recent group shows include ‘Rounded by Sleep’ Arter (2022), ‘The Promise of Grass’ 5th Mardin Biennial (2022), ‘This Place’ Yapı Kredi Kültür Sanat, (2021), ‘At the End of the Day’ OMM, Eskişehir (2020), ’Mushrooms’ Somerset House, London (2020), I remember; Hannah Barry Gallery, London (2019), Large Meadow, riverrun (2018), Driftwood, or how we surfaced through currents, Athens (2017). She’s participated in artist residencies in Cité Internationale des Arts (Paris), PRAKSIS (Oslo) and Beirut Art Residency (Beirut). Lara Ögel lives and works in Istanbul.