Sanat Konuşmaları : GUGUOU

GuGuOu’s exhibition entitled “FEZ GEZ” can be seen at Bilsart between the dates of September 14 – October 1, 2022.

The Istanbul-based collective ha za vu zu, crafted their artistic mode of expression through situational aesthetics and performative gesture, often incorporating music among many elements. The collective has since spawned another grouping, GuGuOu, where music plays the lead role. This new collective was formed by three members: Gunes Terkol on keyboard and on vocals, Guclu Oztekin on bass guitar and vocals, Oguz Erdin on acoustic/electronic drums and sound processing, who have been collaborating for the last four years. Their work is therefore characterized by a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach and experimenting with, or stretching the popular forms, as well as processed sounds, low technology, electro acoustics, repetition, highly rhythmic music accompanied by short and simple idiosyncratic vocalism. They utilize electronic tools to manipulate sound and vocals. And while the lyrics derive from every day encounters, meticulously rehearsed music performances are born from collective improvisations. The artists expressed themselves across a huge array of different mediums as ha za vu zu and the interdisciplinary nature of their practice is easily extended to GuGuOu performances. A key feature of these involves sharing the stage with musicians, artists and philosophers with whom they forge convivial relations.

All in all, the music performances and collaborative situations that are constructed by GuGuOu respond to the need to enliven art spaces with energy and connection both in Istanbul and elsewhere.

Text by Pelin Uran

All Music By Guguou. Mixed By Oğuz Erdin & Barkın Engin. Mastered By Barkın Engin.

Track List; Siyah Mat Cam Pa Pa Pa Uzun Ses Parkta bir Gün Bas Bas Bas Martı Tavşan Ayı Yürür İnsan Kalbiyle

-dancers; Taldans ( Filiz Sızanlı, Mustafa Kaplan, Fırat Kuşçu ) İkra Kılıç; Tyler Thacker, Atalay Yeni, Sinan Logie, Bora Çeliker, Mert Öztekin, Pınar Akkurt, Güçlü Öztekin, Güneş Terkol, Oğuz Erdin

-objects and costumes by; Pınar Akkurt, Güneş Terkol, Güçlü Öztekin, Ersöz Ata

-animations: Mert Öztekin

VFX editing: Candaş Şişman

-cameras: Atalay Yeni, Emirkan Corut, Özgür Korkmaz

-video editing: Sinan Güldal


The performance collective GUGUOU from Istanbul crafts their artistic mode of expression through Dada, situational aesthetics and performative gesture, often incorporating music among many other elements.The collective participated in these listed exhibitions and events: 27th Istanbul Caz Festivali (2020), Nonsesnselessness, 48nh. Neukölln, Berlin (2020), Pasmarti Plak Yayını, Shalgam Records (2019), Monotone Music Dialogue, Kino Armata, Kosova (2019), Opening performance of the 16th Istanbul Biennial (2019), Opening performance at Güçlü Öztekin’s solo exhibition,  Dirimart, Istanbul (2017), “Aylaklar”,opening performance, Institut Français Istanbul (2017), “Yeşil Bir sabah”, performans, Soho, Istanbul (2016), “Along Song-2”, konser Cité internationale des arts Paris (2016), “Along Song”, Opening performance at Güneş Terkol’s installation exhibition, 32nd  Sao Paulo Bienale , Brasill (2016).